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Disclaimer- this is intended to be a dark game, dealing with serious topics such as depression, anxiety, mental health, suicide, death, and loss of loved ones 

This game is currently in development!! I AM TAKING A HIATUS FROM WORKING ON THIS FOR NOW <3



You are Eve, a shut in who struggles with depression, anxiety and many deep and dark emotions.  One day, find an odd mark on your calendar, counting down to something unknoqn. Along with the weird dreams that force you to make moral choices, you are faced with creatures and messages that all tell  you one thing- to die.. You must face off against sinister creatures of the dark to find out the truth- and unravel the mysteries surrounding these peculiar events.

Could there be a way out of this endless dark?


Genres:  Psychological, horror, mystery

- time that advances as you do tasks
- emotional  story with multiple endings based on your actions
- a well being system that is impacted by elements such as hunger, sleep, motivation, depression and more
-morally challenging questions where your choices matter the most
-original art and 5 different characters you must face off against in your dreams

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does anyone know if this game is still in development

Um.. I'm still waiting...

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hmm.. an error when i try to download? btw, why dont you have a download button on here?

as mentioned in the desc its still in development so there’s no download yet!!

is this still in development


yep it is! progress is slow though ^^

cant wait to see


It looks very mysterious and kinda spooky so I'm excited to see how it'll come out in the future!


Awe thank you! It will be a mix of both, I hope!!